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Hobbs, Richard J.; Higgs, Eric S.; Hall, Carol M. (2017) Expanding the Portfolio: Conserving Nature's Masterpieces in a Changing World. BIOSCIENCE 67(6): 568-575.
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Cooney, Rosie; Roe, Dilys; Dublin, Holly; Phelps, Jacob; Wilkie, David; Keane, Aidan; Travers, Henry; Skinner, Diane; Challender, Daniel W. S.; Allan, James R.; Biggs, Duan (2017) From Poachers to Protectors: Engaging Local Communities in Solutions to Illegal Wildlife Trade. CONSERVATION LETTERS 10(3): 367-374.
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Di Marco, Moreno; Chapman, Sarah; Althor, Glenn; Kearney, Stephen; Besancon, Charles; Butt, Nathalie; Maina, Joseph M.; Possingham, Hugh P.; von Bieberstein, Katharina Rogalla; Venter, Oscar; Watson, James E. M. (2017) Changing trends and persisting biases in three decades of conservation science. GLOBAL ECOLOGY AND CONSERVATION 10(): 32-42.
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McGowan, Jennifer; Beger, Maria; Lewison, Rebecca L.; Harcourt, Rob; Campbell, Hamish; Priest, Mark; Dwyer, Ross G.; Lin, Hsien-Yung; Lentini, Pia; Dudgeon, Christine; McMahon, Clive; Watts, Matt; Possingham, Hugh P. (2017) Integrating research using animal-borne telemetry with the needs of conservation management. JOURNAL OF APPLIED ECOLOGY 54(2): 423-429.
Carretero-Pinzon, Xyomara; Defler, Thomas R.; McAlpine, Clive A.; Rhodes, Jonathan R. (2017) The influence of landscape relative to site and patch variables on primate distributions in the Colombian Llanos. LANDSCAPE ECOLOGY 32(4): 883-896.
Iftekhar, Md Sayed; Polyakov, Maksym; Ansell, Dean; Gibson, Fiona; Kay, Geoffrey M. (2017) How economics can further the success of ecological restoration. CONSERVATION BIOLOGY 31(2): 261-268.
Guerrero, Angela M.; Wilson, Kerrie A. (2017) Using a social-ecological framework to inform the implementation of conservation plans. CONSERVATION BIOLOGY 31(2): 290-301.
Baker, Christopher M.; Gordon, Ascelin; Bode, Michael (2017) Ensemble ecosystem modeling for predicting ecosystem response to predator reintroduction. CONSERVATION BIOLOGY 31(2): 376-384.
Cox, Daniel T. C.; Hudson, Hannah L.; Shanahan, Danielle F.; Fuller, Richard A.; Gaston, Kevin J. (2017) The rarity of direct experiences of nature in an urban population. LANDSCAPE AND URBAN PLANNING 160(): 79-84.

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