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Martin, Tyson S. H.; Connolly, Rod M.; Olds, Andrew D.; Ceccarelli, Daniela M.; Fenner, Douglas E.; Schlacher, Thomas A.; Beger, Maria (2017) Subsistence harvesting by a small community does not substantially compromise coral reef fish assemblages. ICES JOURNAL OF MARINE SCIENCE 74(8): 2191-2200.
Saunders, Megan I.; Bode, Michael; Atkinson, Scott; Klein, Carissa J.; Metaxas, Anna; Beher, Jutta; Beger, Maria; Mills, Morena; Giakoumi, Sylvaine; Tulloch, Vivitskaia; Possingham, Hugh P. (2017) Simple rules can guide whether land- or ocean-based conservation will best benefit marine ecosystems. PLOS BIOLOGY 15(9): -.
Kuehne, Geoff; Llewellyn, Rick; Pannell, David J.; Wilkinson, Roger; Dolling, Perry; Ouzman, Jackie; Ewing, Mike (2017) Predicting farmer uptake of new agricultural practices: A tool for research, extension and policy. AGRICULTURAL SYSTEMS 156(): 115-125.
Huveneers, Charlie; Meekan, Mark G.; Apps, Kirin; Ferreira, Luciana C.; Pannell, David; Vianna, Gabriel M. S. (2017) The economic value of shark-diving tourism in Australia. REVIEWS IN FISH BIOLOGY AND FISHERIES 27(3): 665-680.
Plein, Michaela; Morris, William K.; Moir, Melinda L.; Vesk, Peter A. (2017) Identifying species at coextinction risk when detection is imperfect: Model evaluation and case study. PLOS ONE 12(8): -.
Davis, Katrina J.; Kragt, Marit E.; Gelcich, Stefan; Burton, Michael; Schilizzi, Steven; Pannell, David J. (2017) Why are Fishers not Enforcing Their Marine User Rights?. ENVIRONMENTAL & RESOURCE ECONOMICS 67(4): 661-681.
Rout, Tracy M.; Hauser, Cindy E.; McCarthy, Michael A.; Moore, Joslin L. (2017) Adaptive management improves decisions about where to search for invasive species. BIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION 212(): 249-255.
Woolley, Skipton N. C.; Foster, Scott D.; O'Hara, Timothy D.; Wintle, Brendan A.; Dunstan, Piers K. (2017) Characterising uncertainty in generalised dissimilarity models. METHODS IN ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION 8(8): 985-995.
Helmstedt, K. J.; Possingham, H. P. (2017) Costs are key when reintroducing threatened species to multiple release sites. ANIMAL CONSERVATION 20(4): 331-340.
Rogers, Abbie A.; Burton, Michael P. (2017) Social preferences for the design of biodiversity offsets for shorebirds in Australia. CONSERVATION BIOLOGY 31(4): 828-836.
Lin, Hsien-Yung; Jupiter, Stacy D.; Jenkins, Aaron P.; Brown, Christopher J. (2017) Impact of anthropogenic disturbances on a diverse riverine fish assemblage in Fiji predicted by functional traits. FRESHWATER BIOLOGY 62(8): 1422-1432.
Camac, James S.; Williams, Richard J.; Wahren, Carl-Henrik; Hoffmann, Ary A.; Vesk, Peter A. (2017) Climatic warming strengthens a positive feedback between alpine shrubs and fire. GLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY 23(8): 3249-3258.
Addison, Prue F. E.; Flander, Louisa B.; Cook, Carly N. (2017) Towards quantitative condition assessment of biodiversity outcomes: Insights from Australian marine protected areas. JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT 198(): 183-191.
Morgans, Courtney L.; Guerrero, Angela M.; Ancrenaz, Marc; Meijaard, Erik; Wilson, Kerrie A. (2017) Not more, but strategic collaboration needed to conserve Borneo's orangutan. GLOBAL ECOLOGY AND CONSERVATION 11(): 236-246.
Palma, Estibaliz; Catford, Jane A.; Corlett, Richard T.; Duncan, Richard P.; Hahs, Amy K.; McCarthy, Michael A.; McDonnell, Mark J.; Thompson, Ken; Williams, Nicholas S. G.; Vesk, Peter A. (2017) Functional trait changes in the floras of 11 cities across the globe in response to urbanization. ECOGRAPHY 40(7): 875-886.
Lin, Hsien-Yung; Bush, Alex; Linke, Simon; Possingham, Hugh P.; Brown, Christopher J. (2017) Climate change decouples marine and freshwater habitats of a threatened migratory fish. DIVERSITY AND DISTRIBUTIONS 23(7): 751-760.
Dawson, Samantha K.; Kingsford, Richard T.; Berney, Peter; Keith, David A.; Hemmings, Frank A.; Warton, David I.; Waters, Cathy; Catford, Jane A. (2017) Frequent inundation helps counteract land use impacts on wetland propagule banks. APPLIED VEGETATION SCIENCE 20(3): 459-467.
Kragt, Marit E.; Dumbrell, Nikki P.; Blackrnore, Louise (2017) Motivations and barriers for Western Australian broad-acre farmers to adopt carbon farming. ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & POLICY 73(): 115-123.
Dawson, Samantha K.; Kingsford, Richard T.; Berney, Peter; Catford, Jane A.; Keith, David A.; Stoklosa, Jakub; Hemmings, Frank A. (2017) Contrasting influences of inundation and land use on the rate of floodplain restoration. AQUATIC CONSERVATION-MARINE AND FRESHWATER ECOSYSTEMS 27(3): 663-674.
Archibald, Carla L.; McKinney, Matthew; Mustin, Karen; Shanahan, Danielle F.; Possingham, Hugh P. (2017) Assessing the impact of revegetation and weed control on urban sensitive bird species. ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION 7(12): 4200-4208.

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