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Rhodes, Jonathan R.; Cattarino, Lorenzo; Seabrook, Leonie; Maron, Martine (2017) Assessing the effectiveness of regulation to protect threatened forests. BIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION 216(): 33-42.
Runge, Claire A.; Gallo-Cajiao, Eduardo; Carey, Mark J.; Garnett, Stephen T.; Fuller, Richard A.; McCormack, Phillipa C. (2017) Coordinating Domestic Legislation and International Agreements to Conserve Migratory Species: A Case Study from Australia. CONSERVATION LETTERS 10(6): 765-772.
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Guerrero, Angela M.; Shoo, Luke; Iacona, Gwenllian; Standish, Rachel J.; Catterall, Carla P.; Rumpff, Libby; de Bie, Kelly; White, Zoe; Matzek, Virginia; Wilson, Kerrie A. (2017) Using structured decision-making to set restoration objectives when multiple values and preferences exist. RESTORATION ECOLOGY 25(6): 858-865.
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Kusmanoff, Alexander M.; Fidler, Fiona; Gordon, Ascelin; Bekessy, Sarah A. (2017) Decline of 'biodiversity' in conservation policy discourse in Australia. ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & POLICY 77(): 160-165.
Giljohann, Katherine M.; McCarthy, Michael A.; Keith, David A.; Kelly, Luke T.; Tozer, Mark G.; Regan, Tracey J. (2017) Interactions between rainfall, fire and herbivory drive resprouter vital rates in a semi-arid ecosystem. JOURNAL OF ECOLOGY 105(6): 1562-1570.
Guillera-Arroita, Gurutzeta; Lahoz-Monfort, Jose J. (2017) Species occupancy estimation and imperfect detection: shall surveys continue after the first detection?. ASTA-ADVANCES IN STATISTICAL ANALYSIS 101(4): 381-398.
Tulloch, Ayesha I. T.; Nicol, Sam; Bunnefeld, Nils (2017) Quantifying the expected value of uncertain management choices for over-abundant Greylag Geese. BIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION 214(): 147-155.
Fraser, Hannah; Hauser, Cindy E.; Rumpff, Libby; Garrard, Georgia E.; McCarthy, Michael A. (2017) Classifying animals into ecologically meaningful groups: A case study on woodland birds. BIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION 214(): 184-194.
Raiter, Keren G.; Prober, Suzanne M.; Hobbs, Richard J.; Possingham, Hugh P. (2017) Lines in the sand: quantifying the cumulative development footprint in the world's largest remaining temperate woodland. LANDSCAPE ECOLOGY 32(10): 1969-1986.
Iftekhar, Md Sayed; Latacz-Lohmann, Uwe (2017) How well do conservation auctions perform in achieving landscape-level outcomes? A comparison of auction formats and bid selection criteria. AUSTRALIAN JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND RESOURCE ECONOMICS 61(4): 557-575.
Webb, Matthew H.; Terauds, Aleks; Tulloch, Ayesha; Bell, Phil; Stojanovic, Dejan; Heinsohn, Robert (2017) The importance of incorporating functional habitats into conservation planning for highly mobile species in dynamic systems. CONSERVATION BIOLOGY 31(5): 1018-1028.
Ringma, Jeremy L.; Wintle, Brendan; Fuller, Richard A.; Fisher, Diana; Bode, Michael (2017) Minimizing species extinctions through strategic planning for conservation fencing. CONSERVATION BIOLOGY 31(5): 1029-1038.
Visintin, Casey; van der Ree, Rodney; McCarthy, Michael A. (2017) Consistent patterns of vehicle collision risk for six mammal species. JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT 201(): 397-406.
Mumaw, Laura (2017) Transforming urban gardeners into land stewards. JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY 52(): 92-103.
Holden, Matthew H.; McDonald-Madden, Eve (2017) High prices for rare species can drive large populations extinct: the anthropogenic Allee effect revisited. JOURNAL OF THEORETICAL BIOLOGY 429(): 170-180.
Santika, Truly; Meijaard, Erik; Budiharta, Sugeng; Law, Elizabeth A.; Kusworo, Ahmad; Hutabarat, Joseph A.; Indrawan, Tito P.; Struebig, Matthew; Raharjo, Sugeng; Huda, Imanul; Sulhani; Ekaputri, Andini D.; Trison, Soni; Stigner, Madeleine; Wilson, Kerrie A. (2017) Community forest management in Indonesia: Avoided deforestation in the context of anthropogenic and climate complexities. GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE-HUMAN AND POLICY DIMENSIONS 46(): 60-71.

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