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Mills, Morena; Mutafoglu, Konar; Adams, Vanessa M.; Archibald, Carla; Bell, Justine (2016) Perceived and projected flood risk and adaptation in coastal Southeast Queensland, Australia. CLIMATIC CHANGE 136(42828): 523-537.
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Moran-Ordonez, Alejandra; Whitehead, Amy L.; Luck, Gary W.; Cook, Garry D.; Maggini, Ramona (2017) Analysis of Trade-Offs Between Biodiversity, Carbon Farming and Agricultural Development in Northern Australia Reveals the Benefits of Strategic Planning. CONSERVATION LETTERS 10(1): 94-104.
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Threlfall, Caragh G.; Mata, Luis; Mackie, Jessica A.; Hahs, Amy K.; Stork, Nigel E.; Williams, Nicholas S. G.; Livesley, Stephen J. (2017) Increasing biodiversity in urban green spaces through simple vegetation interventions. JOURNAL OF APPLIED ECOLOGY 54(6): 1874-1883.
Dawson, Samantha K.; Warton, David I.; Kingsford, Richard T.; Berney, Peter; Keith, David A.; Catford, Jane A. (2017) Plant traits of propagule banks and standing vegetation reveal flooding alleviates impacts of agriculture on wetland restoration. JOURNAL OF APPLIED ECOLOGY 54(6): 1907-1918.

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