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Iles, David T.; Salguero-Gomez, Roberto; Adler, Peter B.; Koons, David N. (2016) Linking transient dynamics and life history to biological invasion success. JOURNAL OF ECOLOGY 104(2): 399-408.
Moore, T. L.; Ruthrof, K. X.; Craig, M. D.; Valentine, L. E.; Hardy, G. E. St J. (2016) Living (and reproducing) on the edge: reproductive phenology is impacted by rainfall and canopy decline in a Mediterranean eucalypt. AUSTRALIAN JOURNAL OF BOTANY 64(2): 129-141.
COSTA, M.D.P., MUELBERT, J.H. (2016) Long-term assessment of temporal variability in spatial patterns of early life stages of fishes to facilitate estuarine conservation. Marine Biology Research (): .
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Fukuda, Y.; Tingley, R.; Crase, B.; Webb, G.; Saalfeld, K. (2016) Long-term monitoring reveals declines in an endemic predator following invasion by an exotic prey species. ANIMAL CONSERVATION 19(1): 75-87.
Dann, Lisa M.; Rosales, Stephanie; McKerral, Jody; Paterson, James S.; Smith, Renee J. (2016) Marine and giant viruses as indicators of a marine microbial community in a riverine system. MICROBIOLOGYOPEN 5(6): 1071-1084.
Venegas-Li, Ruben; Cros, Annick; White, Alan; Mora, Camilo (2016) Measuring conservation success with missing Marine Protected Area boundaries: A case study in the Coral Triangle. ECOLOGICAL INDICATORS 60(n/a): 119-124.
McClanahan, Timothy R.; Maina, Joseph M.; Graham, Nicholas A. J.; Jones, Kendall R. (2016) Modeling Reef Fish Biomass, Recovery Potential, and Management Priorities in the Western Indian Ocean. PLOS ONE 11(5): n/a.
Chee, Yung En; Wilkinson, Lauchlin; Nicholson, Ann E.; Quintana-Ascencio, Pedro F.; Fauth, John E. (2016) Modelling spatial and temporal changes with GIS and Spatial and Dynamic Bayesian Networks. ENVIRONMENTAL MODELLING & SOFTWARE 82(n/a): 108-120.
Latawiec, Agnieszka E.; Crouzeilles, Renato; Brancalion, Pedro H. S.; Rodrigues, Ricardo R.; Sansevero, Jeronimo B. (2016) Natural regeneration and biodiversity: a global meta-analysis and implications for spatial planning. BIOTROPICA 48(6): 844-855.
Sato, Chloe E.; Wood, Jeff T.; Stein, John A.; Crane, Mason; Okada, Sachiko (2016) Natural tree regeneration in agricultural landscapes: The implications of intensification. AGRICULTURE ECOSYSTEMS & ENVIRONMENT 230(n/a): 98-104.
Charter, Motti; Izhaki, Ido; Ben Mocha, Yitzchak; Kark, Salit (2016) Nest-site competition between invasive and native cavity nesting birds and its implication for conservation. JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT 181(n/a): 129-134.
Boettiger, Carl; Bode, Michael; Sanchirico, James N.; LaRiviere, Jacob; Hastings, Alan (2016) Optimal management of a stochastically varying population when policy adjustment is costly. ECOLOGICAL APPLICATIONS 26(3): 808-817.
Dhanjal-Adams, Kiran L.; Mustin, Karen; Possingham, Hugh P.; Fuller, Richard A. (2016) Optimizing disturbance management for wildlife protection: the enforcement allocation problem. JOURNAL OF APPLIED ECOLOGY 53(4): 1215-1224.
Moore, Alana L.; Mccarthy, Michael A. (2016) Optimizing ecological survey effort over space and time. METHODS IN ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION 7(8): 891-899.
Bland, Lucie M.; Bohm, Monika (2016) Overcoming data deficiency in reptiles. BIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION 204(n/a): 16-22.
Wilson, John W.; Biggs, Duan (2016) Passport power: Entrenching inequality. SCIENCE 353(6305): 1216-1216.
Houghton, Melissa; McQuillan, Peter B.; Bergstrom, Dana M.; Frost, Leslie; van den Hoff, John (2016) Pathways of alien invertebrate transfer to the Antarctic region. POLAR BIOLOGY 39(1): 23-33.
Di Fonzo, Martina M. I.; Collen, Ben; Chauvenet, Alienor L. M.; Mace, Georgina M. (2016) Patterns of mammalian population decline inform conservation action. JOURNAL OF APPLIED ECOLOGY 53(4): 1046-1054.
Tingley, Reid; Thompson, Michael B.; Hartley, Stephen; Chapple, David G. (2016) Patterns of niche filling and expansion across the invaded ranges of an Australian lizard. ECOGRAPHY 39(3): 270-280.

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