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Ng, K., Driscoll, D.A., Macfadyen, S., Barton, P.S., McIntyre, S., and LINDENMAYER, D.B. (2017) Contrasting beetle assemblage responses to cultivated farmlands and native woodlands in a dynamic agricultural landscape. Ecosphere 8(): e02042.
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Ikin, K., Tulloch, A.I.T., Ansell, D., and Lindenmayer, D.B. (2018) Old growth, regrowth, and planted woodland provide complementary habitat for threatened woodland birds on farms. Biological Conservation 233(): 120-128.
Foster, C.N., Barton, P.S., MacGregor, C.I., Catford, J.A., Blanchard, W. and Lindenmayer, D.B. (2018) Effects of fire regime on plant species richness and composition differ among forest, woodland and heath vegetation. Applied Vegetation Science 21(): 132-143.
Foster, C. Barton, P., MacGregor, C., Robinson, N., and Lindenmayer, D.B. (2017) Effects of a large wildfire on vegetation structure in a variable fire mosaic. Ecological Applications 27(): 2369-2381.
Ng, K., McIntyre, S., Barton, P.S., Macfadyen, S., Driscoll, D.A. and Lindenmayer, D.B.  (2018) Dynamic effects of ground-layer plant communities on beetles in a fragmented farming landscape. Biodiversity and Conservation 27(): 2131-2153.
Elena Gissi, Jennifer McGowan, Chiara Venier, Davide Di Carlo, Francesco Musco, Stefano Menegon, Peter Mackelworth, Tundi Agardy, Hugh Possingham (Accepted 2018) Addressing transboundary conservation challenges through marine spatial prioritization. (): .
Standish RJ, Gove AD, Daws MI, Renton M (2018) Nestedness patterns reveal impacts of reduced rainfall on seedling establishment in restored jarrah forest. 427(): 242-249.
Leonie E. Valentine, Katinka X. Ruthrof , Rebecca Fisher, Giles E. St. J. Hardy, Richard J. Hobbs , Patricia A. Fleming (2018) Bioturbation by bandicoots facilitates seedling growth by altering soil properties. (): .
Morgans, C. L., Meijaard, E., Santika, T., Law, E., Budiharta, S., Ancrenaz, M., & Wilson, K. (2018) Evaluating the effectiveness of palm oil certification in delivering multiple sustainability objectives. . Environmental Research Letters (): .
Young, J.C., & Rose, D.C., Mumby, H.S., Benitez-Capistros, F, Derrick, C. J., Finch, T., Garcia, C. Home., C., Marwaha, E., Morgans, CL, Parkinson, S., Shah, J, Wilson, K., Mukherjee, N. (2018) A methodological guide to using and reporting on interviews in conservation science research. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 9(1): 10-19.
Laura E. Dee, Iadine Chadès, Nathalie Peyrard, Régis Sabbadin, Martin Stringer, Eve McDonald‐Madden, and Hui Xiao (2018) Win-wins for biodiversity and ecosystem service conservation depend on the trophic levels of the species providing services. Journal of Applied Ecology.
Krutzen, M, Beasley I, Ackermann, CY, Lieckfeldt, D, Ludwig, A, Ryan GE, Bejder, L, Parra, GJ, Wolfensberger, R, & Spencer, PBS (2018) Demographic collapse and low genetic diversity of the Irrawaddy dolphin population inhabiting the Mekong River. PLoS ONE 13(1): e0189200.
Maria Voigt, Serge A. Wich, Marc Ancrenaz, Erik Meijaard, Nicola Abram, Graham L. Banes, Gail Campbell-Smith, Laura J. d’Arcy, Roberto A. Delgado, Andi Erman, David Gaveau, Benoit Goossens, Stefanie Heinicke, Max Houghton, Simon J. Husson, Ashley Leiman, Karmele Llano Sanchez, Niel Makinuddin, Andrew J. Marshall, Ari Meididit, Jukka Miettinen, Roger Mundry, Musnanda, Nardiyono, Anton Nurcahyo, Kisar Odom, Adventus Panda, Didik Prasetyo, Aldrianto Priadjati, Purnomo, Andjar Rafiastanto, Anne E. R...
Alexander Braczkowski, Matthew H Holden, Christopher O'Bryan, Chi‐Yeung Choi, Xiaojing Gan, Nicholas Beesley, Yufang Gao, James Allan, Peter Tyrrell, Daniel Stiles, Peadar Brehony, Revocatus Meney, Henry Brink, Nao Takashina, Ming‐Ching Lin, Hsien‐Yung Lin, Niki Rust, Severino G. Salmo III, James EM Watson, Paula Kahumbu, Martine Maron, Hugh P Possingham, Duan Biggs (Accepted 2018) Reach and messages of the world's largest ivory burn. (): .
Jennifer McGowan, Michael Bode, Matthew H. Holden, Katrina Davis, Nils C. Krueck, Maria Beger, Katherine L. Yates, Hugh P. Possingham (2018) Ocean zoning within a sparing versus sharing framework.
Holden, Matthew H. & McDonald-Madden, Eve (2018) Conservation from the Grave: Human Burials to Fund the Conservation of Threatened Species. Conservation Letters 11(1): 1-4.
Butt, Nathalie; Shanahan, Danielle F; Shumway, Nicole; Bekessy, Sarah A; Fuller, Richard A; Watson, James EM; Maggini, Ramona; Hole, David G (2018) Opportunities for biodiversity conservation as cities adapt to climate change. GEO 5(1): e00052.
Holden, Matthew H.; Ellner, Stephen P. (2016) Human judgment vs. quantitative models for the management of ecological resources. ECOLOGICAL APPLICATIONS 26(5): 1553-1565.
Hamilton, Richard J.; Almany, Glenn R.; Stevens, Don; Bode, Michael; Pita, John (2016) Hyperstability masks declines in bumphead parrotfish (Bolbometopon muricatum) populations. CORAL REEFS 35(3): 751-763.

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