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Pecl, Gretta T.; Araujo, Miguel B.; Bell, Johann D.; Blanchard, Julia; Bonebrake, Timothy C.; Chen, I-Ching; Clark, Timothy D.; Colwell, Robert K.; Danielsen, Finn; Evengard, Birgitta; Falconi, Lorena; Ferrier, Simon; Frusher, Stewart; Garcia, Raquel A.; Griffis, Roger B.; Hobday, Alistair J.; Janion-Scheepers, Charlene; Jarzyna, Marta A.; Jennings, Sarah; Lenoir, Jonathan; Linnetved, Hlif I.; Martin, Victoria Y.; McCormack, Phillipa C.; McDonald, Jan; Mitchell, Nicola J.; Mustonen, Tero; Pandol...
Renwick, Anna R.; Robinson, Catherine J.; Garnett, Stephen T.; Leiper, Ian; Possingham, Hugh P.; Carwardine, Josie (2017) Mapping Indigenous land management for threatened species conservation: An Australian case-study. PLOS ONE 12(3): -.
Price, Jodi; Tamme, Riin; Gazol, Antonio; de Bello, Francesco; Takkis, Krista; Uria-Diez, Jaime; Kasari, Liis; Partel, Meelis (2017) Within-community environmental variability drives trait variability in species-rich grasslands. JOURNAL OF VEGETATION SCIENCE 28(2): 303-312.
Maseyk, Fleur J. F.; Mackay, Alec D.; Possingham, Hugh P.; Dominati, Estelle J.; Buckley, Yvonne M. (2017) Managing Natural Capital Stocks for the Provision of Ecosystem Services. CONSERVATION LETTERS 10(2): 211-220.
Hardy, Mathew J.; Fitzsimons, James A.; Bekessy, Sarah A.; Gordon, Ascelin (2017) Exploring the Permanence of Conservation Covenants. CONSERVATION LETTERS 10(2): 221-230.
Moran-Ordonez, Alejandra; Lahoz-Monfort, Jose J.; Elith, Jane; Wintle, Brendan A. (2017) Evaluating 318 continental-scale species distribution models over a 60-year prediction horizon: what factors influence the reliability of predictions?. GLOBAL ECOLOGY AND BIOGEOGRAPHY 26(3): 371-384.
Dodd, Aaron J.; Ainsworth, Nigel; Hauser, Cindy E.; Burgman, Mark A.; McCarthy, Michael A. (2017) Prioritizing plant eradication targets by re-framing the project prioritization protocol (PPP) for use in biosecurity applications. BIOLOGICAL INVASIONS 19(3): 859-873.
Wauchope, Hannah S.; Shaw, Justine D.; Varpe, Oystein; Lappo, Elena G.; Boertmann, David; Lanctot, Richard B.; Fuller, Richard A. (2017) Rapid climate-driven loss of breeding habitat for Arctic migratory birds. GLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY 23(3): 1085-1094.
Fraser, Hannah; Pichancourt, Jean-Baptiste; Butet, Alain (2017) Tiny terminological disagreements with far reaching consequences for global bird trends. ECOLOGICAL INDICATORS 73(): 79-87.
Cox, Daniel T. C.; Shanahan, Danielle F.; Hudson, Hannah L.; Fuller, Richard A.; Anderson, Karen; Hancock, Steven; Gaston, Kevin J. (2017) Doses of Nearby Nature Simultaneously Associated with Multiple Health Benefits. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH 14(2): -.
Levin, Noam; Lechner, Alex Mark; Brown, Greg (2017) An evaluation of crowdsourced information for assessing the visitation and perceived importance of protected areas. APPLIED GEOGRAPHY 79(): 115-126.
May, Jelena; Hobbs, Richard J.; Valentine, Leonie E. (2017) Are offsets effective? An evaluation of recent environmental offsets in Western Australia. BIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION 206(): 249-257.
Biggs, Duan; Cooney, Rosie; Roe, Dilys; Dublin, Holly T.; Allan, James R.; Challender, Dan W. S.; Skinner, Diane (2017) Developing a theory of change for a community-based response to illegal wildlife trade. CONSERVATION BIOLOGY 31(1): 5-12.
Cox, Daniel T. C.; Shanahan, Danielle F.; Hudson, Hannah L.; Plummer, Kate E.; Siriwardena, Gavin M.; Fuller, Richard A.; Anderson, Karen; Hancock, Steven; Gaston, Kevin J. (2017) Doses of Neighborhood Nature: The Benefits for Mental Health of Living with Nature. BIOSCIENCE 67(2): 147-155.
Law, Elizabeth A.; Bryan, Brett A.; Meijaard, Erik; Mallawaarachchi, Thilak; Struebig, Matthew J.; Watts, Matthew E.; Wilson, Kerrie A. (2017) Mixed policies give more options in multifunctional tropical forest landscapes. JOURNAL OF APPLIED ECOLOGY 54(1): 51-60.
Maseyk, Fleur J. F.; Dominati, Estelle J.; White, Toni; Mackay, Alec D. (2017) Farmer perspectives of the on-farm and off-farm pros and cons of planted multifunctional riparian margins. LAND USE POLICY 61(): 160-170.
Mata, Luis; Threlfall, Caragh G.; Williams, Nicholas S. G.; Hahs, Amy K.; Malipatil, Mallik; Stork, Nigel E.; Livesley, Stephen J. (2017) Conserving herbivorous and predatory insects in urban green spaces. SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 7(): -.
Sushinsky, Jessica R.; Rhodes, Jonathan R.; Shanahan, Danielle F.; Possingham, Hugh P.; Fuller, Richard A. (2017) Maintaining experiences of nature as a city grows. ECOLOGY AND SOCIETY 22(3): -.
Soanes, Kylie; Mitchell, Briony; van der Ree, Rodney (2017) Quantifying predation attempts on arboreal marsupials using wildlife crossing structures above a major road. AUSTRALIAN MAMMALOGY 39(2): 254-257.
Pannell, David J. (2017) Economic perspectives on nitrogen in farming systems: managing trade-offs between production, risk and the environment. SOIL RESEARCH 55(43256): 473-478.

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