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Butt, Nathalie; Shanahan, Danielle F; Shumway, Nicole; Bekessy, Sarah A; Fuller, Richard A; Watson, James EM; Maggini, Ramona; Hole, David G (2018) Opportunities for biodiversity conservation as cities adapt to climate change. GEO 5(1): e00052.
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Triska, MD; Craig, MD; Stokes, VL; Pech, RP; Hobbs, RJ (2017) Conserving reptiles within a multiple-use landscape: determining habitat affiliations of reptile communities in the northern jarrah forest of south-western Australia. AUST J ZOOL 65(1): 21-32.
Adams-Hosking, Christine; McBride, Marissa F.; Baxter, Greg; Burgman, Mark; de Villiers, Deidre (2016) Use of expert knowledge to elicit population trends for the koala (Phascolarctos cinereus). DIVERSITY AND DISTRIBUTIONS 22(3): 249-262.
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Soanes, Kylie; Mitchell, Briony; van der Ree, Rodney (2017) Quantifying predation attempts on arboreal marsupials using wildlife crossing structures above a major road. AUSTRALIAN MAMMALOGY 39(2): 254-257.
Dodd, Aaron J.; Ainsworth, Nigel; Hauser, Cindy E.; Burgman, Mark A.; McCarthy, Michael A. (2017) Prioritizing plant eradication targets by re-framing the project prioritization protocol (PPP) for use in biosecurity applications. BIOLOGICAL INVASIONS 19(3): 859-873.
Canessa, Stefano; Ewen, John G.; West, Matt; Mccarthy, Michael A.; Walshe, Terry V. (2016) Stochastic Dominance to Account for Uncertainty and Risk in Conservation Decisions. CONSERVATION LETTERS 9(4): 260-266.

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