Toad ReidTingley DPt98CEED researcher Dr Reid Tingley and colleagues have reviewed the current methods to control cane toad invasion and mitigate their ecological impacts. Many new approaches have emerged in recent times, such as Tingley's own research on strategically preventing toads from accessing water in the landscape.

The review includes surveillance technologies (eDNA sampling and automated call detectors), landscape-level barriers, and gene editing and gene drive technology. There have also been developments in reducing the ecological damage they cause, including training native predators not to eat the poisonous toads (conditioned taste aversion), gene banking and targeted gene flow.

Read the full review in The Quarterly Review of Biology.


Tingley R, Ward-Fear G, Schwarzkopf L, Greenlees MJ, Phillips BL, Brown G, Clulow S, Webb J, Capon R, Sheppard A, Strive T, Tizard M, Shine R (2017) New weapons in the Toad Toolkit: A review of methods to control and mitigate the biodiversity impacts of invasive cane toads (Rhinella marina). The Quarterly Review of Biology, 92, 123-149.

Image: Cane toad (photo by Reid Tingley).