Fire CarlaVilarasauAll around the world, fire is profoundly influencing people, climate and ecosystems. Many plants and animals need fire for their survival, yet even in fire-prone areas, some species are sensitive to fire. How then, can a fire regime support the conservation of species with different requirements?

CEED researcher Luke Kelly and L Brotons have recently a published a paper in Science Magazine, showing how researchers and fire managers are confronting this challenge in a rapidly changing world.

Read more about this research in Decision Point issue #100.

Read the research paper: 

L. T. Kelly, L. Brotons (2017). Using fire to promote biodiversity. Science, 355 (6331), pp. 1264 - 1265. 
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Image: Planned burning undertaken in Albacete, east-central Spain (by Carla Vilarasau, Pau Costa Foundation).