all awardees ThomR June2015CEED researchers have won a prestigious Thomson Reuters Citation Award for their significant contribution to climate change research. Professor Hugh Possingham and Dr Eve McDonald-Madden from The University of Queensland, and Dr Tara Martin from CSIRO, have been recognised for their research into the effects of climate change on habitat loss and conservation decisions.

The research was conducted in collaboration with Dr Jane Elith (The University of Melbourne), Dr Chrystal Mantyka-Ptingle (University of Saskatchewan, formerly University of Queensland) and CEED International Scientific Advisory Panel member Professor Antoine Guisan (Université de Lausanne). The prize was awarded jointly.

Director of CEED Prof Hugh Possingham said there is a lot of research being done about the likely impact of climate change on plants, animals and habitats.

"Our group is more interested in research that helps people make good decisions about how to respond to a changing climate," said Professor Possingham.

"We are unique in taking a strong interest in helping managers and policy makers to decide what to do, not just what might happen."

Eve Prinsen Brown captionFellow award winner Dr Eve McDonald-Madden from the School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Management said it is an honour for the team to be recognised for its contribution to the advancement of science to improve climate adapation.

"We combine ideas and approaches from ecology, economics and mathematics to find solutions to conservation problems," said Dr McDonald-Madden.

"Climate change is likely to wipe out many species as their current habitats are impacted. We have pioneered ways to work out where we might move these species to protect them, when the best time to move them might be, and how we decide if taking such a drastic action is worthwhile."

The Thomson Reuters Citation and Innovation Awards recognise researchers whose body of work has made a significant contribution to one of eleven fields across all domains of science, including engineering, socials sciences and the humanities.
Winners are chosen following a rigorous evaluation process focused on analysis of citations in prestigious journals and evidence of collaboration.

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