Hugh birdwatching 5CEED's Director, Hugh Possingham, wears many hats and sits on many chairs. Each winter, like a migratory bird*, Professor Possingham heads north to the English "summer" where he holds a 20% Chair in Conservation Decisions at Imperial College, London. He uses his time at Imperial to engage with CEED partners and students in Imperial College London (which is an official Partner Institution in CEED), Oxford, Cambridge, University College London, Birdlife, World Conservation Monitoring Centre, Copenhagen, University of Southern Denmark, Leipzig, Rome, Durrell Institute of Conservation Ecology (DICE) and more.

In his migration this year, Possingham made a detour to attend the 27th International Congress for Conservation Biology (ICCB) in Montpellier where many CEED researchers delivered talks and posters on a broad range of environmental decision making topics.

CEED's work on offsets, spatial planning, migratory species conservation, optimal monitoring and policy evaluation was front and centre in many of the ICCB sessions.

As CEED expands its international linkages it is attempting to create an alliance for researchers using decision sciences, in all its forms, to solve conservation problems.

Imperial Students"Europe provides many opportunities to share our discoveries and extend the scope and impact of our research," observes Possingham. "Europe presents a completely different ecological and political landscape in which to explore the role of decision science. From analysing trade offs around conservation collaboration in the Mediterranean to optimal restoration of multiple ecosystems, these research collaborations enable us to examine the robustness of our tools and ideas to new circumstances."

*Professor Possingham would like everyone to know that, while he is happy for his trip to be compared to a transcontinental bird migration, that no birds migrate from Australia to the UK, certainly none that stop in Montpellier.