ECRs with captionThe première conservation congress of the year is the International Congress for Conservation Biology (or ICCB). In 2015 the 27th ICCB was held during August in Montpellier, France, and CEED researchers and research played many starring roles. We had over 70 researchers delivering seminars and presenting posters talking about the full range of environmental decision science issues – from optimal translocation and eradication through to ethics and mind-mapping.

“It was, as usual, a crazy week,” said CEED Post Doc Megan Saunders in her blog reflecting on the event. “I very much appreciated the opportunity to catch up with colleagues from around the world, meet new ones, and see some flamingos!”

In addition to networking with conservation scientists from around the world (over 2000 participants attended this year’s ICCB), the congress is also a golden opportunity for CEED researchers to get together and deepen their own network (keeping in mind that CEED is spread all over Australia and seizes any opportunity to get together – even in Montpellier). For example, members of CEED’s Early Career Leadership Training Program came together at the ICCB and all attended the session on building conservation leadership capacity, and then shared notes afterwards.

In addition to having a major input to the science being discussed at this year’s ICCB, CEED also led the way in social media with ANU PhD student Megan Evans’ tweets during the conference being the most retweeted and favorited (i.e. highest quality) out of the 1000 or so attendees on Twitter at the event. CEED associate Morena Mills also scored the second most retweeted tweet with her comment on CEED Director Hugh Possingham’s talk: “HugePossum [Possingham] says young conservation biologists should not take advice from old grey men as they may make you stagnant.”

CEED made a major contribution to this international effort. Hopefully this presages an even more impressive turn out at the southern hemisphere equivalent of the ICCB (the Society for Conservation BiologyOceania Symposium – SCBO Brisbane 2016) being run at the University of Queensland in July 2016.

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