HPP at UBC conferral credit Martin Dee UBCEach year the University of British Columbia (UBC) awards honorary degrees to individuals from around the world who have made substantial contributions to society.

This year, CEED’s Director and Professor of Mathematics and Professor of Ecology at The University of Queensland, Hugh Possingham, has been awarded a Doctor of Science, honoris causa, for his contribution to the development of sound nature conservation principles worldwide.

The degree was conferred on 25 November. Special mention was made of Hugh’s work underpinning the rezoning of the Great Barrier Reef, the largest systematically designed reserve network in the world.

“It’s particularly significant to be recognised in this way by UBC as their staff have led the world in the application of mathematical tools to solve natural resource problems,” said Hugh.

“CEED has strong ties with UBC through a range of projects, exchanges and individuals working together. This honour will strengthen those ties.    

“Canada, and British Columbia especially, has been very successful in using our work on spatial planning, improving uptake internationally for better environmental decision making. There are definitely lessons Australia can learn from them in this regard.”

Other recipients of honorary degrees from previous years include David Suzuki, Muhammad Yunus and CS Holling. Also receiving honorary degrees in this year’s ceremony are the Windle Trust executive director Marangu Njogu, atmospheric scientist Susan Solomon and occupational therapist Rachel Thibeault.

While at UBC, Hugh was also invited to address the graduating class – see link   http://graduation.ubc.ca/event/live-webcast/event89/  (ref 24 minute mark)  

For more information, visit: http://graduation.ubc.ca/event/honorary-degrees/2015-honorary-degree-recipients/

Image: Hugh Possingham at the conferral of his honorary Doctor of Science at the University of British Columbia. (Photo by Martin Dee, UBC)