gorilla wallpaper reducedThree Quarters of the World's Threatened Species are Imperiled from Agriculture, Land Conversion, Overharvesting!

Ever wondered what are the key factors affecting the world's threatened species. A new paper out in Nature by CEED PhD student Sean Maxwell examined over 8,600 species on the IUCN Red List to find out.

Sean and co-authors Assoc Prof James Watson (WCS, CEED and UQ GPEM), Assoc Prof Richard Fuller (UQ) and Dr Thomas Brooks (the IUCN) found that agriculture alone negatively affects 5,407 threatened species including cheetahs and African wild dogs and illegal hunting decimating rhinos, gorillas, pangolins.  

The authors urge action at next month's IUCN World Conservation Congress in Hawaii. Well managed protected areas, enforcement of hunting regulations, and better managed agricultural systems can play major role in reducing biodiversity crisis.

Read the paper HERE.