Hugh Malaysia Feb 2015CEED’s Director Professor Hugh Possingham has just completed a whistle-stop tour of several of Malaysia’s top universities speaking on the value of decision science for biodiversity conservation. Funded by the Australian High Commission, Possingham’s journey took him to the University of Malaysia, Sarawak; the University of Science, Malaysia, in Penang; and the University of Kebangsaan Malaysia, Selangor.

Malaysia is a megadiverse country containing around 5% of the world’s animal species in a relatively small area. It is also experiencing major challenges balancing biodiversity conservation with logging, oil palm and other development.

“Malaysia is a treasure trove of biodiversity,” says Possingham. “But the country’s many natural values are under considerable pressure. It’s my hope that some of CEED’s environmental decision science, such as Marxan, will provide some real help to Malaysia as it navigates the many challenges before it.”