Dr. Joseph Bennett

Joe's research touched on a variety of areas in community ecology, including invasion ecology, biogeography and spatial statistics. He had a particular interest in practical questions regarding invasive species control and management to protect threatened species.

He also worked on theoretical questions regarding coexistence in fluctuating environments and the determinants of community assembly in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. His projects included the following: modelling species invasions; refining multi-species management for rare species; taxonomic sufficiency in environmental assessments; and interpreting native versus exotic community patterns to inform conservation decisions.

He continues to be involved in three CEED projects along with CEED Researchers Assoc Prof Yvonne Buckley;and Prof Hugh Possingham:

• Invasion in fluctuating environments;
• Taxonomic sufficiency in environmental assessments using cryptic taxa;
• Antarctic environmental threats - lessons learned from the Arctic


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