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Dr Kathy Avent (CEED Chief Operating Officer) and Prof Mick McCarthy (CEED Deputy Director) discuss the benefits of a mentoring program, how to get the most out of it and what to expect. Download the audio of this video.

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About the program

By 2017, CEED had graduated over 60 HDR students and trained over 40 early and mid-career post-doctoral researchers (EMCRs) with a diverse range of subsequent career paths since its commencement in 2011.

The purpose of the Early and Mid-Career Mentoring Program was to provide a semi-formal mentoring program. The program was open for nominations throughout 2017 and 2018, with mentors and mentees meeting over a 6 month period.

Mentees were matched with mentors, based on the non-scientific skills development they desired aligned with the skills and capabilities of registered mentors. Engagement between mentors and mentees was between fortnightly and monthly; either face to face, by phone or video conferencing as pairs may have been located in different cities.

Participation Criteria

Mentees: CEED members who were either a PhD student, an Early Career Researcher (up to 5 years post doc) or a Mid-Career researcher (up to 10 years post doc), allowing for career interruptions.

Mentors: Current CEED staff, alumni, external partner or generous individual with an interest in the career and skill development of CEED ECR and MCRs and relevant experience!

Read the Mentoring Program Guidelines HERE

Participants in the mentoring program were given access to a range of online self-guided resources to foster conservation leadership, skills development, access to international networks, entrepreneurship, accelerated career trajectories, strategies for conservation impact and individual empowerment for their careers.  


CEED Alumni Network 

The CEED Alumni Network was designed to create and foster connectivity and opportunities for our past and present CEED associates and members. A suite of outreach activities were implemented over 2017-2018 to engage with CEED Alumni for the purpose of online professional development, creating a strong conservation and environmental decision making community of practice, offering mentoring roles and access to potential partnerships, connections and information sharing.

As CEED entered its final year of formal Australian Research Council (ARC) funding in 2017-2018, establishing our CEED Alumni Network will also provided an opportunity for us to showcase the diverse range of experience, careers, training and opportunities available to researchers in environmental decision science.

Who is a CEED Alumni?

Anyone who has ever been a member or associate of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions through employment, completion of a post graduate higher degree, student supervision, visiting a node of the Centre, or as a long term collaboration partner.