In 2012 the Australian Senate asked the Environment and Communications References Committee to set up an inquiry titled the 'Effectiveness of threatened species and ecological communities’ protection in Australia'. CEED, being one of the key research centres working in this area, made a formal submission to this inquiry.

A team from CEED (including two CIs, three CEED post-docs, two collaborators and CEED PhD student Jane McDonald) synthesised relevant CEED-researched solutions in a written submission and Prof Michael McCarthy accepted an invitation to appear at the inquiry to give verbal support to the submission and answer further questions from senators.

The Senate Inquiry released a report in Aug 2013, summarizing the key points of the submissions and outlined recommendations. The report included over thirty references to the CEED submission, Prof McCarthy’s Senate appearance and three major recommendations based on CEED’s contributions. These recommendations are intended to guide further policy developments and reforms.

The authors of the CEED submission have also converted the submission into a paper for publication in a peer reviewed journal to communicate it to the scientific community. During the development of this paper the CEED authors worked closely with CSIRO and staff from the Department of the Environment.

CEED will seek to contribute to future parliamentary inquiries relevant to CEED research and work closely with the Department of the Environment to formulate effective policy solutions for conservation problems.