ARC_CEED Up north, sharing research on costs of mgt vs stakeholder prefs in #marineconservation. What else are CEEDsters up…
ARC_CEED RT @NRMecon: Excellent discussion & description of best practice #focusgroups in #contingentvaluation #NMV @AREatUWA
ARC_CEED RT @mickresearch: Learning stats as an ecology grad student, by David Wilkinson of @qaecology. Well worth reading.
ARC_CEED MT @AleMoranOrdonez: #Extremeweather variables give diff perspective on where #species are & will be @BrenWintle
ARC_CEED #Economists can provide multiple insights how to make ecological restoration more effective. #DecisionPoint article…
ARC_CEED The Global Distribution and Drivers of Alien Bird Species Richness in @PLOSBiology @SalitKark #invasivespecies #maps
ARC_CEED MT @HugePossum: telling a good story could be large part of writing a good (high impact, well cited) paper. #SciComm
ARC_CEED Getting into the complexity of projecting biodiversity. #methods #extinction
ARC_CEED In case you're interested/participating, CEED researchers tackling drivers of #landclearing behavior at #AARES2017.…

Connecting pyrodiversity and biodiversity

At peace with the forest

Predicting future distributions of species with accuracy

Dynamics and the Economics of Carbon Sequestration: Common Oversights and their Implications



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